Our prices are as follows:


Nail trimming:-       £10.00

Microchipping:-       £15.00

Bath for Staffordshire Bull Terriers (or single coated dogs)     £20.00

Charge for matting:- £10.00

Full grooming is on average £30.00


All services include:-

bath and drying

nail clipping

ear cleaning

clipping and combing/brushing

We use the best shampoo available - it is not one of the 'all singing, all dancing' fancy fruity shampoos but the best for cleaning and being gentle to the dog's skin.   We also use Aloe Vera shampoo if the dog has particularly sensitive skin.

If we notice 'visitors' whilst grooming we will use a flea shampoo and quietly notify the owner when collecting.

Please note that an additional cost of usually £10 will be made for excessive de-matting


Anal glands will be checked and emptied (if necessary unless you tell us otherwise)


Some dogs may need to be clipped shorter than requested by the owner - this will only be because there are matts present in the coat and clipper blades do not cut through matts or knots but clip under them so the effect may be shorter or not as level as is ideal.  


The best solution for this situation would be to ensure that your dog is regularly groomed by Pooch Corner between 6 to 12 weeks is our recommendation dependent on the breed of dog or the amount of combing you do at home.

We recommend that on long coated breeds you use a comb to ensure that you get through the entire coat of your dog.   Many brushes only deal with the top of the coat and not near to the skin which is where the knots/matts occur.  Some breeders or other well intentioned souls recommend 'slicker' brushes but these are only useful if you part the hair and brush to the skin.

Special requirement services such as for hand stripping will be given following consultation/  The groomer has experience with wire hair fox terriers so is fully experienced in hand stripping.    It is not recommended for a pet dog to be stripped but can be done if specifically required.

Your dog will be treated fairly but firmly - he or she may object but your dog will not be hit or disciplined harshly.   

As we have said before - you can stay with your dog if you have any concerns.

All new clients will be asked to sign a 'Client Agreement' which mainly asks that you as the owner provide us with any information about the animal such as previous aggression and that if you have specific requirements then you provide us with full information or a photograph.   If after the grooming visit to Pooch Corner you have any complaints the contract states that you don't put complaints on social media but come back to us so that any issues can be addressed.